What is Dynamics 365 CRM?

This is a category of integrated data-driven software solutions that improve customer engagement and interaction. CRM systems help you manage customer relationships, maintain relationships with them, track sales and marketing, and provide effective data.
CRM solutions
for medium and large business (enterprise level) with a focus on the type of activity
Go beyond sales force automation (SFA) with Dynamics 365 for Sales to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively, and win more deals.
Find and nurture more sales-ready leads by moving beyond basic email marketing. Connect sales and marketing, automate processes, and make smarter decisions to maximize your marketing results.
Build trusted customer relationships by delivering outstanding project experiences. Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation empowers you to deliver profitable projects on time and within budget while increasing employee productivity.
Differentiate your brand with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. Built-in intelligence delivers faster, more personalized service and adds value to every interaction.
Help protect your e-commerce business—and your customers—against fraud to drive down costs, achieve higher revenue, and improve your customers' shopping experience.
CRM advantage
Comprehensive system setup for business
Данные в сохранности
Data retention
Customer data is fundamental significance for every enterprise. It remains nevertheless your manager leaves the company or not.
С клиентом всегда на связи
Always in touch with your customer
You can see all communication stages with client and keep in touch with him thanks to telephony, messengers' integration and Outlook e-mail as well.
Клиент как родной
Your very own client
Use maximum information that characterize your customer like a person but not just like buyer.
Обучение нового сотрудника
Training new employee
New employee will complete training fast therefor written process and video instruction help to simplified this phase.
Анализ сотрудников
Employee analysis
You can correct sales efficiency and approach while analyzing your employee's actions.
Процесс заведение клиента
Without chaos
Customer leading process, price quote or sales are delineated scrupulously and implemented accordant with your inner processes. Thereafter these exclude chaotic posting information or skipping phases by manager.
CRM phase implementation
Application Form
After you applying the form our manager contacts you for clarifying the details.
Requirements analysis and presentation
We represent the system with emphasis on your business particular
Price quote
We'll send you price quote only after analizing the problems and wishes we had discussed with you earlier
Matching scope
Necessarily to have several meetings in order to match project scope
During the whole process we have a contact with the client and react quickly and efficiently to the updates and wishes in scope frame
After testing execution and transferring customized CRM on our side, you'll have a period for adaptation and training.
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