Fitness club

A team of TComTech specialists developed a solution for you based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The product is tailored to the specialized processes of a sports club.
An example of a ready-made CRM system for a sports club.
Below are the ready-made processes that CRM supports for the Fitness club
•Photo (from file)
•Contacts - phone, e-mail, skype
•Client category (active, one-time, former, corporate)
•Client type (VIP, partner's client, other - customizable)
•Birthday (day and month, year)
•Date of last customer visit - automatically determined by the system
•Club card
•History of purchases and visits (group visits, personal training, purchased season tickets, services and products, dates of visits, which trainer, how many visits, for what amount, for how many days)
•Information about the cards, the subscription of the client.
The Calls section is relevant for fitness clubs that have sales and customer support departments.
• Inbox
• Outgoing
• Customer
• Type of customer
• Information:
• Who called
• Duration (Full, quality)
• reminders of the upcoming birthdays of customers and employees.
• marketing lists
• marketing activities
- Email Newsletters
- SMS mailing
Club cards, season tickets
• subscription to the service
• subscription to group classes
• full cards
• primary and secondary cards
• family cards
• operations for cards (manual / automatic activation, freezing, reservation of a cabinet)
• card statuses (new, active, expiring soon, inactive)
The calendar
• by days of the week
• in the halls
• by trainers
• recording and registering for group classes
• Personal training
• Split workout
• Massage services
•phone number
• contract information
• additional information (information about diplomas, marital status, etc.)
• training
In the "Groups" section, you can add new groups to the schedule and edit existing ones.
It is worth setting the parameters once and group classes will be automatically displayed in the main schedule in accordance with the specified schedule.
The group card has the following fields to fill out:
• group name
• hall in which this group will be held
• second coach
• maximum allowable number of people in a group
• price for a single visit to a group lesson
• schedule for this group lesson
• Cash flow - this group includes a number of financial reports on income, expenses, profit of the fitness club.
• Customer reports - customer visits, ABC analysis, customer purchases, average checks, age groups, dynamics of visits.
• Group reports - group visits, profitability of single visits, average number of customers in a group, dynamics of group visits.
• Service reports - sales of services, sales of services by craftsmen, sales of services by administrators, cost-effectiveness of services, loading of trainers.
• Reports on goods - sales of goods, sales of goods by trainers and administrators, profitability of goods, balances of goods in warehouses, goods with a critical quantity, procurement planning, supply and payment history.
• Card reports - sales of cards, subscriptions, their use, profitability of cards, customers with active cards, card balances.
• Reports on corporate clients - history of settlements with companies.
• Reports on customer accounts - customers in arrears.
• Cash day
• Amount at the checkout in the morning
• Club income
• Club expenses
• Balance at the end of the day
• Cash operations
- Type of
- Customer
- Trainer
- Type of training
- Manager
- Amount
- Payment type
- A discount
• Printing a fiscal receipt
• Print transaction receipt
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